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Nothing ever prepares us for the death of a loved one!  The overwhelming sense of loss and grief is unimaginable! I believe that God knew this which is why He never gave us an insight as to when or how its going to happen.  Having lost my parents through illness, I now know that even that does not make death any easier.  I cannot even begin to imagine the pain of the loss of a loved one through murder and especially when that loved one is just a child!

The shootings in Connecticut brought back a memory that I had blanked out completely.  I must have been around 16 or 17 years old in High School back home in Uganda in a Mixed Boarding School.  Around 5 or 6 of boys, from my class escaped from school with the intention of walking to a neighboring Girls Boarding School.  Half way towards their destination, they were stopped by an armed man who loaded an entire magazine of bullets into them.  They had nowhere to run or hide as he opened fire on them!  They did not stand a chance!  Amazingly, one of them did not get hurt at all, one of them died and the rest where badly hurt.  What was shocking is that the one who was not hurt run back to school, went back to his dormitory and pretended like he had not left school at all instead of letting somebody in authority know that these boys were bleeding out somewhere in the middle of nowhere and in the dark of the night!  Luckily people who lived in the neighborhood heard the shots and went looking to see what had happened that stumbled upon these boys who had been left for dead!  They run to our school, informed the Principal and the boys where taken to hospital.  I was 16 and I wasn’t in the middle of this scene yet I was so traumatized, I cannot begin to imagine what it must feel like to be as young as those kids in Connecticut and be right in the middle of such horror!

A couple of months ago, I wrote a 2 part post, “The Pain of Death and the Celebration of Life” and considering how we are all grieving as a nation, I want to share these posts again.  I know that they will be plenty of people who also lost their loved ones maybe through painful circumstances that did not get the same attention as the shootings in Connecticut, as well as those who lost a loved one in other circumstances.  I know how much grief can take a grip on you and make you lose any sense of hope and that is the reason why I wrote these posts.  My hope is to help bring back that hope and that light at the end of the tunnel that anyone might be struggling to find.  I have lived through this pain and been depressed to the point of not knowing how to rise up each morning.  I know that my experience cannot even begin to compare, but what I know for sure is that death is death and it doesn’t matter how or when it comes.  The pain and grief is excruciating and can sometimes be overwhelming!  What I have learnt though is that God always lifts us out of the ashes if allow Him in and we open ourselves up to the healing process.  We always get to that place where we can truly celebrate the lives of our loved ones and not just mourn their deaths.

Here are those posts:
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  1. Mary

    Just shared this with my boss who just lost her dad who indicated that she was already celebrating his life as an encouragement to keep doing just that in the midst of the tears, thanks again for this!

  2. Sheba

    Thanks so much Mary for your comment. This is exactly why I wrote this article. I want others who go through this experience to know that they truly can heal the pain of their loss and celebrate the lives of their loved ones. God bless.

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