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This is one of my favorite go to quotes whenever I feel sorry for myself or whenever I face something that pulls me down! Life is not designed to keep us on a constant high. Every now and then we will experience something that’s going to take us from the mountaintop and into the valley, but it’s important for us to realize that the valley was not designed for us to stay there! Some situations that drive us into the valley can be extremely challenging to lift ourselves out of but all the same, we still have to figure out a way of clawing our way back up to the mountaintop!

Grief for me continues to be my biggest challenge! I’ve lost both of my parents as well as my two best friends and as much as I have finally accepted their physical absence, it still doesn’t stop me from wishing that they were still here every now and then and it especially hits me hard on the anniversary of their deaths. What I’ve noticed that’s helped me learn to climb my way out of this valley is that grief is a wave.

When you’re having the good days, you never imagine that you will ever hit a bad day at all and it even seems incredulous that you ever experienced a bad day. It’s amazing how well you feel you are doing until something sparks off that incredible fall that lands you hard in a pit of grief that you cannot control hard as you might try! March 8th is the anniversary of my best friend’s death and I felt that this year I was going to be very okay right up to that point just before the clock struck midnight on the 8th and I saw her picture. That incredible pain immediately took over and I found myself in that bottomless pit! When the bad hits, it also feels like the good days are such an unimaginable distance away and it’s hard to see how you’re going to ever experience them again! Whenever this happens, I’ve learned not to fight the sadness but to let myself cry it out and process through it because it’s the only way to stop it from keeping me in a helpless state of depression. As much as I allow myself to grieve though, I’ve also taught myself not to dwell in that state for too long and there’s nothing like a quote like this from Joyce Meyer to give me the real kick in the backside to wake me up and get me out of feeling sorry for myself!

I’ve learned that everything that drives us into a state of depression is in the mind. Feeling sorry for ourselves is in the mind and my antidote is listening to podcasts that lift up my spirit as well as talking myself out of it! Feeding my mind with thoughts that give me power is my way of clawing out of the valley. I refuse to allow the death of my loved ones to defeat me because I know that’s not honoring who they were and their hopes for me. My parents worked so hard to prepare me for life without them, loving me all the way to their last breaths not to mention my friends and above all the death and resurrection of my Lord! I’ve come to understand the powerlessness of death over us through bible verses like, 1 Corinthians 15:55-57, Revelation 1:18, Revelation 21:4, Isaiah 25:8, Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 to name but a few. And I’ve taught myself to self-talk bible verses likes, 2 Timothy 1:7, John 3:16, Philippians 4:13, Psalm 23:1-6 again to name but a few!

“I can face all conditions by the power that Christ gives me!”


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