Welcome to Grace And Thought

Life experiences have taught me that there will always be highs and lows. Getting to the realization that you can never get it done, has brought a great sense of relief for me. Just as you are experiencing relief from the last challenge and are just wrapping up your victory celebration, along comes another one! This is what life is all about! Have I heard this before? Of course I have! Who hasn’t? Its amazing how you hear something all the time but one day your mind, body and spirit come together and you finally hear it! I finally get!

We have been raised in an environment where we are taught that life is great when everything is going well; and to worry and be downcast when things are not going so well and we are facing major challenges.  I now know that we don’t have to live life this way.  God created us to enjoy life regardless of what it brings. Challenges and tough times at some point in time turn into victories and celebrations. If we learn to embrace the tough times and learn from them, they can be our greatest stepping stones to victory.  Not only do they teach us so much, but they also help us connect with God.  Without them, we would never need Him.  We tend to need and turn to Him more during these times.  Our connection to Him helps us appreciate who He is and the difference He makes in our lives.  When we accept the challenges for what they are and place our trust in Him, He either carries us or lifts us through them. In the end, everything always works out for our own good. God never promised us that life will be easy, but He promised us that “He will never leave us and He will never forsake us”.

Sharing my experiences and what I am doing to handle them is in the hopes that you may relate and share some of your own with others so that we may help each other enjoy life the way that God truly intended it for us.